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Digging deep to build strong - that's the essence of our excavation services at Mr. G's Excavation & Grading. With precision and care, we prepare your land for a myriad of projects, from foundational work to landscaping enhancements, ensuring every excavation task is executed to perfection.

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Property Type:

Residential, Commercial, & Municipal

Service Available In:

From Troy to Dardenne Prairie & Winfield to Warrenton

Recommended Maintenance:

Regular site assessments, erosion control.

Service Benefits:

Solid foundations, landscape readiness.


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Project Single Image

Excavation is the art and science of shaping the land, serving as the foundation for countless construction and landscaping projects. At Mr. G's Excavation & Grading, this process is executed with unmatched precision and expertise.

Every excavation task, whether big or small, is approached with a thorough understanding of the project's requirements and the land's unique characteristics. Serving a broad region stretching from Troy to Warrenton, our team is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a wealth of experience, ensuring the excavation is done right the first time.

But beyond the technicalities, excavation with Mr. G's means assurance. Assurance that the land will be stable, that water drainage is considered, and that the groundwork is laid for future construction or landscaping efforts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that the excavated site is primed and ready, whether it's for building foundations, planting, or any other endeavor that requires the earth to be molded just so.

With Mr. G's, excavation isn't just a process; it's the first step towards realizing your vision.

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