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Lagoon Install

Septic solutions have the inherent ability to cater to rural needs effectively. At Mr. G's Excavation & Grading, we specialize in designing optimal lagoons for those in the countryside, serving both functional septic requirements and potential recreational uses. Ensure efficient waste management for your property with a touch of rural innovation.

Service Information

Service Type :

Lagoon Install

Property Type:

Residential, Commercial, & Municipal

Service Available In:

From Troy to Dardenne Prairie & Winfield to Warrenton

Recommended Maintenance:

Bi-annual cleaning, water quality checks.

Service Benefits:

Scenic beauty, ecosystem support.


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Project Single Image

Septic solutions, especially in rural settings, have evolved from mere functional systems to environmentally sound and sustainable choices. Lagoon septic systems are one such option, providing both effective waste treatment and a touch of the natural world. At Mr. G's Excavation & Grading, our lagoon installations merge expertise in engineering with a deep understanding of the environment.

Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed site, taking into consideration the soil type, groundwater level, and the desired size and depth of the lagoon septic system. This groundwork ensures that the system will function optimally and harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Precision defines our installation phase. Whether it's ensuring the right gradient for effective waste breakdown or contouring the edges to blend seamlessly with the landscape, we prioritize every detail. Once shaped, we recommend suitable plants that can further enhance the treatment process and add to the system's efficiency.

It's essential to remember that a lagoon septic system is a part of the broader landscape. As such, integrating it properly can sometimes mean crafting pathways around it, setting up designated maintenance areas, or even incorporating buffer zones.

Serving regions from Troy to Dardenne Prairie and onto Warrenton, our lagoon septic installations stand as a testament to sustainable rural solutions. With Mr. G's, you're not just opting for waste management; you're choosing an environmentally conscious system, meticulously designed and expertly placed.

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